Upcoming Events

2022 Election Roundtable: What Happened

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022 | Noon to 1:30 PM Eastern
ISR-Thompson, Room 1430

Join Mara Ostfeld, Jowei Chen, and Nicholas A. Valentino from ISR’s Center for Political Studies for a discussion of the outcomes of the 2022 midterm elections. As part of ISR’s Insights series, the panelists will present the latest findings from the American National Election Studies (ANES), along with exit poll data, and the new legislative maps.
This event is part of the ISR Insights Speaker Series.

Interdisciplinary Workshops on Politics and Policy

Wednesdays at noon, in-person at ISR-Thompson Room 6080 (except where noted). Read more about this year’s series.

Upcoming talks for 2022-23 include:

Oct. 26: Erin Cikanek (University of Michigan)

Nov. 2: Sara Morell (University of Michigan)

Nov. 16: John Wilkerson (University of Washington, Seattle) – Room 1430

Dec. 7: Jörg Spenkuch (Northwestern University)

Jan. 11: Luke Miratrix (Harvard University)

Jan. 25: Nazita Lajevardi (Michigan State University)

Feb. 1: Amanda Friesen (Western University)

March 8: Adam Glynn (Emory University)

April 19: Rachel Bernhard (University of California, Davis)

April 26: Melani Cammett (Harvard University)

May 10: TBD

The 2023 Miller-Converse Lecture

Stanley Feldman, Stony Brook University
Thursday, March 23, 2023 | 4:00-5:30 PM Eastern
ISR-Thompson, Room 1430

This event is part of the annual Miller-Converse Lecture Series.