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Does the media convey accurate information about what policymakers do?

cover of book Past research suggests that the public adjust their preferences for policy spending downward when spending increases and upward when spending decreases. In their new book, Information and Democracy: Public Policy in the News, Stuart Soroka and Christopher Wlezien argue that the public respond in this way because they are getting information about policy spending from the news.​ Read more on the CPS Blog.


What Does Economic Security Look Like and How to Get There

Wednesday, May 18 | noon-3:00 PM Eastern
Hosted by the U-M School of Social Work
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The 2023 Miller-Converse Lecture

Stanley Feldman, Stony Brook University
Thursday, March 23, 2023 | 4:00-5:30 PM Eastern
ISR-Thompson, Room 1430

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Vincent Hutchings

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World Values Survey

The World Values Survey (WVS) is an international research program devoted to the scientific and academic study of social, political, economic, religious and cultural values of people in the world. The project’s goal is to assess which impact values stability or change over time has on the social, political and economic development of countries and societies.

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Book cover of Seeing Us In Them

Featured Publication

Seeing Us in Them: Social Divisions and the Politics of Group Empathy

What causes some people to stand in solidarity with those from other races, religions, or nationalities, even when that solidarity does not seem to benefit the individual or their group? Seeing Us in Them examines outgroup empathy as a powerful predisposition in politics that pushes individuals to see past social divisions and work together in complex, multicultural societies. It also reveals racial/ethnic intergroup differences in this predisposition, rooted in early patterns of socialization and collective memory.

Read more about the book.

Celebrating 50 years of the Center for Political Studies

The Center for Political Studies marked its 50th anniversary with a celebration featuring a keynote address by Arthur Lupia. Many alumni and faculty also shared their reflections on what the center has meant to them. Click here to view a recording of the event and statements about CPS.

Words that respondents recall hearing about Trump

CPS News

Vincent Hutchings Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Vincent HutchingsPosted May 4, 2022. Vincent Hutchings is among the most recent inductees into the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest distinctions for a scientist or engineer in the United States. Congratulations, Vincent!
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Yuen Yuen Ang Wins Tronstein Award

photo of Yuen Yuen AndPosted April 29, 2022. Yuen Yuen Ang is the 2022 recipient of the Tronstein Award, which is given in recognition of innovative and outstanding teaching of undergraduate students in the University of Michigan Department of Political Science.​ Congratulations, Yuen!

Mary Gallagher Receives 2022 Metrick Family Creativity and Collaboration in Curriculum Award

Mary GallagherPosted April 29, 2022. Mary Gallagher received the Metrick Award for her sustained efforts to strengthen and revamp Introduction to Comparative Politics. This year’s version of the course has been designed to include active learning exercises that engage students in the material and supplement traditional lectures with simulations and discussion. As Mary notes, “students leave the class more confident in their abilities to understand world events, to make sense of politics in places they may never visit, and to engage in politics in their own country with a better sense of the alternatives elsewhere.” Congratulations, Mary!

Josh Pasek Honored for Teaching Innovations

Josh PasekPosted April 25, 2022. Josh Pasek’s was one of the recipients of the Provost’s Teaching Innovative Prize for his project “Simulating Interactions Between Science and Policymaking.” Congratulations, Josh!
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