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Can Democracy Survive?

Every year the Center for Political Studies celebrates two of its founders: Warren Miller & Phil Converse. The 2021 Miller-Converse Roundtable featured research by Ken Kollman, Robert Franzese, & Pauline Jones. Event recording and recap available on the CPS Blog.

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All In The Family: The Effects Of Familial Cues On Attitudes Toward Women’s Rights

January 26, 2022 | Noon to 1:00 PM EST
Sara Morell (Univ. of Michigan)
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Interdisciplinary Workshop on Politics and Policy

February 9, 2022 | Noon to 1:00 PM EST
Angela Ocampo (Univ. of Michigan)
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Vincent Hutchings

Featured Project

World Values Survey

The World Values Survey (WVS) is an international research program devoted to the scientific and academic study of social, political, economic, religious and cultural values of people in the world. The project’s goal is to assess which impact values stability or change over time has on the social, political and economic development of countries and societies.

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Featured Publication

Seeing Us in Them: Social Divisions and the Politics of Group Empathy

What causes some people to stand in solidarity with those from other races, religions, or nationalities, even when that solidarity does not seem to benefit the individual or their group? Seeing Us in Them examines outgroup empathy as a powerful predisposition in politics that pushes individuals to see past social divisions and work together in complex, multicultural societies. It also reveals racial/ethnic intergroup differences in this predisposition, rooted in early patterns of socialization and collective memory.

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Celebrating 50 years of the Center for Political Studies

The Center for Political Studies marked its 50th anniversary with a celebration featuring a keynote address by Arthur Lupia. Many alumni and faculty also shared their reflections on what the center has meant to them. Click here to view a recording of the event and statements about CPS.

Words that respondents recall hearing about Trump

CPS News

Skip Lupia Receives the Charles E. Merriam Award

Skip LupiaPosted September 27, 2021. Skip Lupia will receive the Merriam Award at the 2021 American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting. The Charles E. Merriam Award was established by the Association to recognize a person whose published work and career represent a significant contribution to the art of government through the application of social science research. Congratulations, Skip!

Don Kinder Selected as the 2022 Henry Russel Lecturer

Don KinderPosted July 16, 2021.​ Donald R. Kinder, a political science, psychology and research professor who is widely recognized as a giant of behavioral political science and the most distinguished public opinion scholar of his generation, has been selected as the University of Michigan’s 2022 Henry Russel Lecturer. The Henry Russel Lectureship is the university’s highest honor for senior members of its active faculty. It is awarded annually to a faculty member with exceptional achievements in research, scholarship or creative endeavors, as well as an outstanding record of distinguished teaching, mentoring and service to U-M and the wider community. Read more in The University Record.

Mai Hassan Awarded the 2021 Robert A. Dahl Award

Mai HassanPosted July 8, 2021. Mai Hassan’s book, Regime Threats and State Solutions: Bureaucratic Loyalty and Embeddedness in Kenya, is the recipient of the 2021 Robert A. Dahl Award. The Dahl Award is given annually by the American Political Science Association to an untenured scholar who has produced scholarship of the highest quality on the subject of democracy. Congratulations, Mai! Learn more about this book from the CPS Blog

Edgar Franco Vivanco Awarded the 2021 Heinz I. Eulau Award

Edgar Franco VivancoPosted July 8, 2021. Edgar Franco Vivanco, whose article, “Killing in the Slums: Social Order, Criminal Governance and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro,” is the recipient of the 2021 Heinz I. Eulau Award. The Eulau Award is given annually by the American Political Science Association for the best article published in American Political Science Review in the previous calendar year.  Congratulations, Edgar!

CPS Faculty Expertise: Race and Ethnicity

graphic showing the racial wealth gapPosted May 17, 2021. Our faculty conduct research to explore the role of race in politics and society. Their work examines attitudes about social justice movements, policing and protest, and voting behavior. You can read more about CPS faculty expertise on race here.