American National Election Studies (ANES)

Since 1948, ANES has collected data to answer the question “Why do Americans vote as they do on Election Day?”

Arab Barometer

The Arab Barometer is a central resource for quantitative research on the Middle East.

Big Data Innovation & Governance (Big D.I.G.)

The application of cutting-edge data science and field research techniques to generate data-driven knowledge.

Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)

The CSES is a collaborative program of research among election study teams from around the world.

Conflict & Peace, Research & Development

Addresses topics of political conflict/violence through the application of innovative and rigorous evidenced-based research.

Consequences of Contention

Understanding how diverse forms of political conflict and violence influence various key political and economic outcomes.

Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA)

A repository of detailed election results at the constituency level for legislative elections from around the world.

Election Forensics

Statistical methods used to determine whether the results of an election accurately reflect citizens’ voting behavior.

International Center for the Advancement of Scientific Literacy (ICASL)

The largest single archive of survey data concerning the public understanding of science in the world.

Linking Social Media and Surveys

Assessing how the behavior of posting on social media sites relates to attitudes measures acquired from survey respondents.

Local Patterns of Election-Related Violence and Peace

Leveraging election observer missions and local election results to inform the challenges of building sustainable peace in Africa.

Longitudinal Study of American Youth (LSAY)

A longitudinal study of national samples of public school students in the United States

Micro-Foundations of Conflict Escalation (MiCE)

Improving understanding of how and why conflicts escalate.

Mobilizing Social Assets for Productive Use of Renewable Energy in Rural Tanzania

Understanding of the types of social assets that can advance productive uses of renewable energy in rural Tanzania

Modeling linguistic convergence, divergence and innovation in creole genesis

Designing an agent-based model that reflects possible patterns of feature convergence, divergence and innovation in language creation.

Poverty, Property Rights, and Energy Access in Rural Tanzania

A study the impact of land rights formalization in Tanzania.

RAPID: Quasi-Experiment on the Effect of Disaster-induced Displacement

Examing the political consequences of Hurricane Harvey by studying migration patterns and their political and economic consequences.

The Continent of International Law (COIL)

Design provisions of international law matter, and, when chosen correctly, help states confront harsh international political realities and thereby increase the incidence and robustness of international cooperation.

The Puerto Rico Public Opinion Lab (PR-POL)

By designing and administering the first panel survey of a large, representative sample of Puerto Ricans living on the island, the Puerto Rico Public Opinion Lab (PR-POL) is a project that will amplify the voice and political representation of people living in Puerto Rico.

The Social Science and Social Media Collaborative (S3MC)

Three parallel projects unified by the theme of integrating geospatial, social media and spatial data to address research and methodological questions.

Time Travel on the Internet

uniting expertise in history, digital media, and algorithmic information systems to compare contemporary digital imaginaries with earlier moments in the history of print, radio, photography, and cinema.

University human rights index: Developing and piloting a measure

The development and piloting of a measure that will allow for comparative analysis of university commitments to diverse political and civil rights.

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)

A new approach to conceptualizing and measuring democracy.

World Values Survey (WVS)

A global network of social scientists who are analyzing the basic values and beliefs of people throughout the world.

xSub: Cross-National Data of Sub-National Violence

A repository of micro-level, subnational event data on armed conflict and contention around the world.