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ISR Insights Speaker Series: CPS Lectures

About the Insights Speaker Series

ISR’s Insights Speaker Series is a series focusing on the research happening at the Institute for Social Research. 

Events in this series

Election 2022: What Happened?

Thursday, November 17, 2022, noon ET
Institute for Social Research
426 Thompson Street, Room 1430
Ann Arbor, MI
Lunch provided
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Join Mara Ostfeld, Jowei Chen, and Nicholas A. Valentino from ISR’s Center for Political Studies for a discussion of the outcomes of the 2022 midterm elections. The panelists will present the latest findings from the American National Election Studies (ANES), along with exit poll data, and the new legislative maps.

When Skin Color is More than Skin Deep: The Social, Economic and Political Meaning of Skin Color in America

Mara Ostfeld (Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies; Assistant Research Scientist, Ford School; Associate Faculty Director, Poverty Solutions; Research Director, Center for Racial Justice)

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Skin color matters. Within and across ethnoracial groups, skin color affects life experiences, including one’s financial earnings, educational opportunities, health outcomes, exposure to discrimination, interactions with the criminal justice system, and sense of group belonging. While political coalitions in the U.S. have historically revolved around ethnoracial identities, Dr. Ostfeld draws on her book (co-authored with Nicole Yadon) to argue that skin color is an increasingly important component of how people are identifying themselves and staking positions in American racial politics.


Events are held at the Institute for Social Research.

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