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The Continent of International Law

Data Files

The content on this website and in the files below is copyrighted and belongs to Barbara Koremenos. Users of the COIL data are kindly asked to use the following citation:

Koremenos, Barbara (2016). The Continent of International Law: Explaining Agreement Design. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.


A zip file that contains the replication data and the variable description for each chapter of the book.

COW Country Codes
Comma-separated text file (.csv) with country names and country codes from the Correlates of War (COW) project, which can be used to match the COIL data with other data sets. The file covers all agreements in the sample. Also contains agreement name, UNTS number, COIL identifier, and year of signature.

List of Questions Asked
.pdf document with a list of all questions from COIL released on this website. Sorted by broad categories.

List of Agreements, by Sub-Issue Area
.pdf document with a list of all agreements included in the current release of COIL, sorted by sub-issue areas. Also includes the signatories (if bilateral), the signature date, and the UNTS number for each agreement.

.pdf document with the glossary used for the coding of the agreements. Includes extensive explanations, definitions and examples as well.

Coding Instrument
.pdf document with the instrument used for the coding of the agreements, with all questions covered by COIL.

Coding Justifications
.xlsx document with selected justifications for why cooperation problems were coded the way that they were. Additional coding justifications are available upon request from the author.