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The Continent of International Law
Cover of Continent of International Law book

“This is one of the most systematic rationalist accounts ever of the cooperative dilemmas states face and the legal structures they create to resolve them. Koremenos’s book is a triumph of argumentation and evidence that will spark debate across the disciplines of international law and international relations. Brava, Barbara!”
—Beth Simmons, Harvard University

Winner of ISA’s 2017 Best ILaw Book Award

The International Law Book Award recognizes a book that excels in originality, significance and rigor and makes an outstanding contribution to the field of international law.



Runner Up for ISA’s 2017 Chadwick Alger Prize

The Chadwick F. Alger Prize — awarded annually by the International Organization Section of the International Studies Association — recognizes the best book published in the previous calendar year on the subject of international organization and multilateralism.