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Project: Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA)

Constituency-Level Elections Archive (CLEA)

CLEA is an archive of detailed election results at a constituency level for the lower house legislative elections that have been conducted around the world. The primary goal is to preserve and consolidate these valuable data in one comprehensive reference resource that is publicly available at no cost. This archive enables researchers across the globe to improve and expand research on political parties, elections and political institutions. In addition, policy analysts, diplomats, and intelligence analysts may use the data to study the causes and consequences of party system characteristics and to analyze election results. The dataset is available from the project website.

Project Website


Kenneth Kollman, Center for Political Studies (PI); Allen Hicken, Center for Political Studies (Co-PI); Daniele Caramani, University of St. Gallen (Co-PI); David Backer, United States Institute of Peace (Co-PI)

Current Funding

American National Science Foundation (NSF); Taiwan Foundation for Democracy; University of Michigan

Project Period

2008 – current