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Interdisciplinary Workshops on Politics and Policy 2015

About the workshops

Interdisciplinary Workshops on Politics and Policy are weekly seminars hosted by the Center for Political Studies. Speakers present current research on a wide range of topics. Abstracts of past workshops are available in the menu to the right.

2015-2016 Series

Perceptions of Inequality: Preliminary Results from the Detroit Metropolitan Area Communities Study

September 9, 2015
​Elisabeth Gerber and Jeffrey Morenoff

Motives in Pork Distribution: Partisan Bias or Patronage?

September 16, 2015
Nico Ravanilla

The Advantage of Disadvantage: Legislative Responsiveness to Collective Action by the Politically Marginalized

September 23, 2015
LaGina Gause

Racial Sympathy in American Politics

September 30, 2015
Jennifer Chudy

Breaking Up is Hard to Measure (and Other Challenges to Calculating Volatility and Change in Political Party Systems)

October 7, 2015
Kevin Deegan-Krause (Wayne State University)

Switching Sides: How Campaigns and Media Change Public Opinion about Politicians

October 14, 2015
Michael Tesler (University of California – Irvine)

Disgust and Public Opinion Toward LGBT Issues

October 21, 2015
Logan Casey

The Canadian Party System: Toward an Analytic History ​​(With ​Reflections on the 2015 ​Election)

October 28, 2015
Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia)

Female Legislators and Economic Growth: Evidence from State Elections in India

November 11, 2015
Yogesh Uppal

A Broader Approach to Identity Politics – Socio-Partisan Sorting and the Deepening Partisan Divide

November 18, 2015
Lilliana Mason (University of Maryland)

Uninformed: Why People Know So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It

January 13, 2016
Arthur Lupia

Harnessing ​’Corruption​’​ for Early Development: The Case of Prebendal Bureaucratic Compensation in China

January 27, 2016
Yuen Yuen Ang

The Changing Norms of Racial Political Rhetoric and the End of Racial Priming

February 3, 2016
Nicholas Valentino and Fabian Neuner

Exploring Attitudes toward Government

February 10, 2016
Michael Traugott

Making his World Safe for Autocracy,​ ​2012-2015

February 24, 2016
Bill Zimmerman

Why Does Segregation Cause Prejudice?

March 9, 2016
Ryan Enos (Harvard University)

Modernization and Inequality: Why Equality is Likely to Stage a Comeback

March 16, 2016
Ron Inglehart

In Search for Normalization: the Islamist Party in Morocco

March 23, 2016
Driss Maghraoui (Al-Akhawayn University)

Social Mobilization and Regime Resilience: Is Morocco the Exception?

March 30, 2016
Saloua Zerhouni (Mohamed V University of Rabat)

The (Conditional) Effects of Media Cues on Public Opinion: The Case of Immigration

April 27, 2016
Amber Boydstun (University of California – Davis)

Out of Options? Blacks and Support for the Democratic Party

May 4, 2016
Hutchings and Jefferson

House and Senate Negotiations and Policy Choice

May 11, 2016
Dan Magleby (Binghamton Univ.–SUNY) & Pamela Clouser McCann (Univ. of Southern California)

Platforms, Portfolios, Policy: Electoral competition and welfare policy in Multiparty Governments

May 18, 2016
Despoina Alexiadou