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Project: Mapping Forest Cover and Poverty Globally

Mapping Forest Cover and Poverty Globally

Although some recent research has sought to identify the nature and degree of overlap between forest cover and levels of poverty, much of this work has been constrained to a small number of countries. Relatively little is known about how forest-poverty relationships vary across countries, or how these relationships have changed over time. In the proposed program of work, IFRI and RRI will collaborate to:

  1. Develop a global baseline dataset on the overlap between levels of poverty and forest cover between 2000 and 2010, with particular emphasis on 1) variations across countries, 2) change over time, and 3) the role of trade, regional, and demographic factors in shaping poverty-forest relationships. We will produce a spatial analysis of poverty and forest cover overlap for a single time period, and depending on available poverty datasets, undertake a country-level analysis of change in poverty and forest cover.
  2. Examine poverty-forest cover relationships with reference to land tenure in a selected set of countries that are focal countries for RRI. IFRI and RRI will work with other RRI partners to locate subnational, finer resolution, spatially explicit data on population, poverty, tenure, and forest cover.
  3. Identify specific mechanisms that explain observed patterns, variations in these patterns across countries and regions, and changes in forest-cover and poverty relationships over time.


Arun Agrawal, Center for Political Studies (PI)



Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)


Project Period

February 1, 2012 – November 30, 2012