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Kelly Askew

Faculty Associate


Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies
Professor, LSA Anthropology
Professor, LSA Afroamerican & African Studies


PhD 1997 Harvard University


Kelly Askew’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Kelly Askew is Director of the African Studies Center and Professor of Anthropology and DAAS. She has worked for over two decades in Tanzania and Kenya. Her current research focuses on African postsocialism/postcommunism, poetic and performing arts, land tenure and property rights, pastoralism, and indigenous political movements.
Recent film projects include:




LSA Anthropology, University of Michigan
207-B West Hall, 1085 University Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

Phone: 734–647–4434
Email: [email protected]

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Selected Publications

Selected publications. Please also see Kelly Askew’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Askew, Kelly, and Rie Odgaard. Deeds and Misdeeds: Land Titling and Women’s Rights in Tanzania. New Left Review, 2019.

Bluwstein, Jevgeniy, et al. “Between Dependence and Deprivation: The Interlocking Nature of Land Alienation in Tanzania.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 2018, doi:10.1111/joac.12271.

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Askew, Kelly, et al. “Of Land And Legitimacy: A Tale Of Two Lawsuits.” Africa, vol. 83, no. 01, 2013, pp. 120–141., doi:10.1017/s0001972012000745.

Askew, Kelly, and M. Anne Pitcher. African Postsocialisms. Edinburgh University Press for the International African Institute, 2006.

Askew, Kelly Michelle. Performing the Nation: Swahili Music and Cultural Politics in Tanzania. University of Chicago Press, 2002.