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Project: Workshop on Genes, Cognition and Social Behavior

Workshop on Genes, Cognition and Social Behavior

This project organizes a one-day interdisciplinary workshop, to be held at NSF and attended by approximately ten faculty members from around the United States. The purpose of the workshop is to specify concretely how and where research on genetics, cognition, and social behavior will generate transformative scientific practices, scholarly infrastructure, and widely relevant findings of high social value. Workshop participants will be invited to evaluate the contributions to date of such research in their field so as to clarify the kinds of “next steps” in the near term (i.e., five to ten years) that are likely to provide high-value outcomes. The workshop will devote special attention to scientific endeavors whose implications speak directly to the Political Science program’s areas of interest. 

Full Report

Genes, Cognition, and Social Behavior: Next Steps for Foundations and Researchers 



Arthur Lupia, Center for Political Studies (PI)



American National Science Foundation (NSF)


Project Period

May 1, 2010 – April 30, 2011