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Project: The Conflict Consortium

The Conflict Consortium

The Conflict Consortium endeavors to bring together two groups of 18 scholars for the purposes of solidifying relationships in the field of subnational conflict, developing a list of best practices as well as most commonly utilized variables to assist in field development and to provide instructions for others in the fields of political science and sociology who wish to understand, use and create their own databases. This will fundamentally improve the current research in this area, lead to greater accumulation of findings in the future and provide guidance to those in as well as considering this area of research. The Consortium will also attempt to provide the framework within which data projects could be better coordinated with one another and courses taught on the subject at diverse venues around the globe.


Christian Davenport, Center for Political Studies (PI)



American National Science Foundation (NSF)


Project Period

September 1, 2012 – August 31, 2015