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Project: Management of Complex Data Structures: Upgrades to EUGene data software

Management of Complex Data Structures: Upgrades to EUGene data software

EUGene is a Windows based data management tool for creating data sets with the country-year, directed-dyad-year, non-directed-dyad-year, and directed-dispute-dyad-year as the unit of analysis. EUGene makes a number of cumbersome tasks easier, especially data sets created with the directed dyad-year as the unit of analysis. EUGene reads, merges, and outputs data from several of the most important other data sets in international relations. EUGene outputs those data in a uniform format that can be imported into any statistical analysis package with ease. EUGene allows users to specify subsets of countries, years, and a wide variety of variables for output. Data sets are saved in a text format that can be easily read into other programs for statistical analysis. EUGene creates the command files for execution in SPSS, Stata, and LIMDEP to read in the data sets it creates.

EUGene was originally constructed as part of the project “Comparative Theory Testing and Interstate Wars, 1816-1984” under National Science Foundation grants SBR-9601151, SES-9975115, SBR-9975291, and SES-0213727. additional support comes from the Institute for Policy Research and Evaluation (The Pennsylvania State University), and the Social Science Research Institute (The Pennsylvania State University). 

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Allan Stam, Center for Political Studies (PI); D. Scott Bennett, The Pennsylvania State University



American National Science Foundation (NSF)


Project Period

September 15, 2011 – August 31, 2014