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Project: Database of UN Human Rights Agreements

Database of UN Human Rights Agreements

The Database of UN Human Rights Agreements (HRAs) seeks to expand and deepen scholars’ understanding of UN HRAs. By providing coverage of all UN HRAs from 1945 to present, its goal is to make more systematic analysis of these agreements possible. In addition, by making data available in a format that can easily be linked with other datasets, the project hopes to encourage integration of HRA data into statistical analyses. Users can select several different variables relating to ratification, entry into force, issue-area, etc. They can also restrict the sample by country, year, issue-area, and/or agreement; or link to data from other sources of interest such as Polity, Correlates of War, IMF data, etc. 

Project Website

UN Human Rights Agreements



Jana von Stein, Center for Political Studies (PI)



University of Michigan


Project Period

2009 – present