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People: Research Faculty

William Zimmerman

Research Professor Emeritus


Research Professor Emeritus, Center for Political Studies


Ph.D. 1965 Columbia University (Public Law and Government)


William Zimmerman’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)



Professor Zimmerman’s research focuses primarily on two main themes: one is a long standing interest in analyzing the links between attitudes to markets, democracy, and foreign policy in Russia, the other concerns the way Russia was, is, or may be in the future a “normal” country. The first is part of a more general inquiry concerning the extent to which findings, based almost entirely on American data, on the role of elites and mass publics transfer to Russian foreign policy. The second constitutes an effort to do a work of synthesis that attempts to impart enhanced rigor to assertions that a country, in this instance, Russia, is or is not a normal country and to place that discussion in the context of a re-examination of the literature on the nature of the Soviet system, assessments of the post-Soviet transformation, and efforts to place contemporary Russia in a comparative context.


Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan
Room 4257, 426 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104–2321, United States

Phone: 734–936–1759
Fax: 734–764–3341
Email: [email protected]

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Selected Publications

Please also see William Zimmerman’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Zimmerman, W., Russian National Interests, Use of Blood and Treasure, and Energy Price Assessments: 2008-2009. Post-Soviet Affairs, 2009. 25(3): p. 185-208.

Zimmerman, W., The Russian People and Foreign Policy: Russian Elite and Mass Perspectives, 1993-2000. 2002, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Kullberg, J.S. and W. Zimmerman, Liberal Elites, Socialist Masses, and Problems of Russian Democracy. World politics, 1999. 51(3): p. 323-358.

Zimmerman, W. and R. Axelrod, The “Lessons” of Vietnam and Soviet Foreign Policy. World politics, 1981. 34(1): p. 1-24.

Zimmerman, W., Issue Area and Foreign-Policy Process: A Research Note in Search of a General Theory. The American Political Science Review, 1973. 67(4): p. 1204-1212.