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People: Research Faculty

Walter Mebane

Research Professor


Research Professor, Center for Political Studies
Professor, Department of Political Science
Professor, Department of Statistics


Ph.D. 1985 Yale University (Political Science)


Walter Mebane’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Walter Mebane’s Personal Website


Department of Political Science, University of Michigan
7735 Haven Hall, 505 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1045

Phone: 734–763–2220
Fax: 734–764–3522
Email: [email protected]

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Selected Publications

Please also see Walter Mebane’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Mebane, W.R., Jr. and J.S. Sekhon, Robust Estimation and Outlier Detection for Overdispersed Multinomial Models of Count Data. American Journal of Political Science, 2004. 48(2): p. 392-411.

Wand, J.N., et al., The Butterfly Did It: The Aberrant Vote for Buchanan in Palm Beach County, Florida. The American Political Science Review, 2001. 95(4): p. 793-810.

Mebane, W.R., Jr., Coordination, Moderation, and Institutional Balancing in American Presidential and House Elections. The American Political Science Review, 2000. 94(1): p. 37-57.

Mebane, W.R., Jr., Fiscal Constraints and Electoral Manipulation in American Social Welfare. The American Political Science Review, 1994. 88(1): p. 77-94.