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Ragnhild Nordås

Faculty Associate


Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies
Assistant Professor, LSA Political Science


PhD 2010 Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Ragnhild Nordås’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Ragnhild Nordås’s Google Scholar Profile


Ragnhild Nordås’s main research interests are political violence, religion and war, and dynamics of conflict-related sexual violence.


Institute for Social Research (ISR), University of Michigan
Room 4230, 426 Thompson Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104–2321, United States

Phone: 734–647–5695
Fax: 734–764–3341
Email: [email protected]

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Selected Publications

Please also see Ragnhild Nordås’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Ragnhild Nordås’s Google Scholar Profile

Leiby M., G. Østby, & R. Nordås (forthcoming) “The legacy of wartime violence on intimate partner abuse”. International Studies Quarterly

Finnbakk, I. & R. Nordås (forthcoming) “Community perspectives and pathways to reintegration of survivors of sexual violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo”. Human Rights Quarterly

Gleditsch, N. P., R. Nordås, and H. Urdal. (2017) “Peer Review and Replication Data: Best Practice from Journal of Peace Research.” College & Research Libraries 78.3 (2017).

Rustad, S., G. Østby & R. Nordås (2016) Does Artisanal Mining Increase the Risk of Sexual Violence? Micro-level evidence from Eastern Congo. Quality In Primary Care 24(33).

Rustad, S., G. Østby & R. Nordås (2016). “Artisanal mining, conflict, and sexual violence in Eastern DRC”. The Extractive Industries and Society. 3(2): 475-484.