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The Ronald F. Inglehart Scholarship Fund

Created in memory of pioneering CPS scholar and mentor, Ronald F. Inglehart, this fund supports research and travel by early career scholars to study comparative politics, with a preference for graduate students traveling internationally.

Ron’s research transformed the way that social scientists understand the role of human values and cultures in societies worldwide, and his ideas have been central to our understanding of public opinion and cultural change. In addition to his impressive research accomplishments, Ron was known to be modest and down-to-earth, generous with his time, and an excellent citizen of the university. The fund honors his professional legacy and his many contributions to students and fellow political scientists.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted from graduate students in political science at the University of Michigan who are conducting research involving comparative politics and working with CPS faculty.
This award is now open for applications! Get details and apply here by Feb. 13, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

Questions: Please email any questions to [email protected].

Award Winners

2023: Patronage as Insurance: Precarity, Clientelism and Political Engagement in Africa

By Peter Carroll

Project Description

My research is focused on the impact of poverty on politics, with a focus on East Africa. This work has brought me to urban and rural settings in Tanzania and Uganda where I have considered how economic conditions influence how citizens interaction with political officials. Through these observations I gained some intuition about how the field of political science might better account for the realities of poverty in our study of political behavior. My work seeks to push the discipline to consider the dynamic nature of poverty, that is, how fluctuations in levels of hardship over time produce a sense of precarity that shapes political action. It is my view that this lived experience among the poor has been under-appreciated in our understanding of poverty and political engagement. I aim to make both theoretical and empirical advances in this area.

The Inglehart Award was established to honor the remarkable legacy of Dr. Inglehart by supporting emerging scholars in the study of comparative politics. I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Political Science department studying the political economy of development in Africa. As a graduate student at the University of Michigan, I have had the opportunity to engage with the Institute of Social Research through the mentorship of scholars at the Center for Political Studies and workshops, and now through the support of the Inglehart Award. My research and career trajectory has been deeply impacted through this engagement, for which I am sincerely grateful.

Peter Carroll

2023 recipient of the Ronald F. Inglehart Fellowship

photo of Ron Inglehart


The Ronald F. Inglehart Scholarship is funded entirely through donations. If you are interested making a contribution, you may do so by clicking the “Give Online” button below.

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