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The Tessler Fellows Fund

The Tessler Fellows Fund will support a graduate student at the University of Michigan in Political Science who is being mentored by faculty in the Center for Political Studies, with a preference for those who study comparative politics and need funding for fieldwork and data collection. Multiple types of data collection are eligible, including dissertation-related fieldwork to gather quantitative or qualitative information. This fund provides awards up to $6,000.

Application Process

This award is now open for applications! Get details and apply here by Feb. 13, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Applications will be accepted from graduate students at the University of Michigan Department of Political Science.

Questions: Please email any questions to [email protected]..

Award Winners

2023: Maybe in my Backyard: How Refugee-Host Cooperation Promotes Peace and Prosperity

By Rebecca Wai

Project Description

I am working with a development program funded by the Danish embassy called, “Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative” to evaluate their farmer group program. Most of their evaluation focuses on agricultural productivity, so my dissertation will add value by helping them understand how farmer groups influence peace and cooperation between refugees and hosts too – which is also a goal of NGOs but is usually targeted with separate programs. I hope that with my work, I will help inform the design of NGO farmer group programs and show that these programs can both increase peace and economic productivity.

This award is vital to funding my survey of refugees and host communities in Uganda about their cooperation through farmer groups. With this help, I can expand my sample size and add survey experiments to understand attitudes towards refugees of different ethnicities and nationalities. I am interested in cooperation between refugees and host communities. However, as I have spent more time in the field, I have also realized that ethnic conflict between refugees in their home countries are carried over and are another factor to consider in fostering cooperation. Therefore, I am grateful that this award allows me to explore the intra-refugee ethnic dimensions of refugee-host cooperation too.

Rebecca Wai

2023 recipient of the Mark Tessler Fellowship