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Statement of Principles for CPS

May, 2021 

From: CPS Leadership (Ken Kollman, Director; Cathy Seay-Ostrowski, Center Administrator; David Howell, Associate Director)

Re: Regarding work climate and work culture

CPS faculty and staff strive to maintain a work culture and work environment that is welcoming, open to diverse attitudes, perspectives, and types of people, and that celebrates the differences among the people associated with the Center, including visitors and students who learn amidst the Center’s activities.

CPS faculty and staff strive to make the work environment comfortable, where disagreements are discussed respectfully, and all faculty, staff, visitors, and students feel welcome to voice their points of view without fear of retaliation. 

CPS faculty and staff remain united in seeking an environment where abuse, harassment, exploitation, intimidation, and discrimination are not tolerated. 

CPS faculty and staff recognize the legacies and ongoing struggles in society with racism, sexism, ableism, and other kinds of behavior and systemic patterns within institutions that lead to persistent inequalities. The people of the Center commit, not only to supporting research on these legacies and struggles, but also to being a place where through work environment and culture the Center promotes a more just society.

If anyone working in or visiting the Center wishes to suggest new ideas for improving the Center’s work climate and culture, we are open to suggestions. We are also available to anyone to bring their experiences to us if there are incidences of mistreatment or if the Center falls short. In addition, Sheri Notaro ([email protected]), Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at ISR, is available for consultation and advice.