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Angela Ocampo

Faculty Associate


Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science


Ph.D. 2018 University of California, Los Angeles (Political Science)
M.A. 2014 University of California, Los Angeles (Political Science)
B.A. 2010 Brown University, Honors (International Relations & Ethnic Studies)


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Angela Ocampo examines the political incorporation of racial, ethnic and religious minorities both as every-day participants and as political leaders within American institutions. Her current book project investigates the concept of perceived belonging to U.S. society and its influence on political interest and political engagement among Latinas/os/xs. 



Phone: 734-761-6313
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Selected Publications

Please also see Angela Ocampo’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Angela Ocampo’s Google Scholar Profile.

Ocampo, Angela X. and John L. Ray. 2019. “Many are called but few are chosen: The emergence of Latino congressional candidates.” OnlineFirst. Politics, Groups and Identities. doi:10.1080/21565503.2019.162996

Gutierrez, Angela E., Angela X. Ocampo, Matt A. Barreto and Gary Segura. 2019. “Somos Más: How Racial Threat and Anger Mobilized Latino Voters in the Trump Era.” OnlineFirst. Political Research Quarterly. doi:10.1177/1065912919844327

Ocampo, Angela X., Karam Dana and Matt A. Barreto. 2018. “The American Muslim Voter: Community Belonging and Political Participation.'” Social Science Research. doi:10.1016/j.ssresearch.2018.02.002

Ocampo, Angela X. 2018. “The Wielding Influence of Political Networks: Representation in Majority- Latino Districts.” Political Research Quarterly. 71(1):184-198.

Garcia-Rios, Sergio, Angela X. Ocampo, Tyler Reny and Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta. 2017. “El peso del voto latino en 2016.” Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, 17(1):1-15.